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With an enduring presence in the field of manufacturing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, Chilton has over three decades of industrial experience. Set up in 1984 in Kochi, Kerala, Chilton today is an industry leader in providing technical consultancy, designing, developing, engineering, manufacturing, installing and commissioning Industrial Refrigeration Chillers.

Owing to the powerful vision set forth by Mr. Chil Prakash who has several Patents to his name, along with his steady guidance, Chilton consistently develops and delivers Industrial Refrigeration Chillers of superior quality making them a valuable asset to several national and multinational companies.

Trust and reliability being the pillars at Chilton, our taskforce align themselves seamlessly and are dedicated to meeting the exact needs of our clients. Our products span across industrial and commercial establishments as well as allied institutions.


Our mission is to provide competent leadership in the areas of technical consultancy, engineering, designing, developing, manufacturing, installing and
commissioning a wide range of innovative and sophisticated Industrial Chillers.


  1. Better and consistent product quality.
  2. Reduced production stage rejections.
  3. Improved cycle times.
  4. Cost-effective production.
  5. Improved profitability.


  1. Predictive Fault alert system for constant chiller performance monitoring ensuring optimal chiller operational efficiencies.
  2. One year comprehensive warranty.
  3. Second year free preventive maintenance check-up.
  4. Prompt service back up.
  5. Environment friendly features
  6. Easy to operate controls.
  7. Air cooled and water cooled models.
  8. Backed by 25 years of chiller manufacturing experience, designing, building, testing and delivering custom built chillers for specific applications and operating parameters.


  1. Safe and robust operation. Compact, robust, stainless steel housing.
  2. High reliability minimizes production line downtime for chiller related reasons.
  3. High efficiency operation reduces power consumption giving continual production cost savings.
  4. Low operating costs. Best value for money.
  5. Minimal chiller failure rates.
  6. Electro-mechanical controls minimize repair and replacement costs.
  7. Easy servicing and fault correction. Easily removable ventilation grills and side panels for easy cleaning and servicing.
  8. Rapid pay-back through power-cost savings, low maintenance costs, low repair costs, low production stage rejections, improved production efficiencies and low production line downtimes for chiller   relaed reasons.
  9. Designed and built for Indian conditions ensuring long chiller  life minimizing replacement costs.
  10. Adaptable for changing cooling demands.
  11. Low operating noise levels.

Chilton Refrigeration Pvt Ltd
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Kerala - India

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